TEACHER GRANT APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED FOR THE 2023-24 SCHOOL YEAR. If you have a special need please reach out to Tammy Shoop at tammy@misf.com or (206) 275-2550.

Teacher grant season is the Foundation’s favorite time of year! We look forward to collaborating with the PTAs and the Mercer Island School District to take a glimpse into the fantastic and innovative things that make lessons come to life for our students — and, of course, helping fund these incredible enrichment programs and opportunities.

How It Works

Every fall, the Mercer Island Schools Foundation awards teacher classroom grants directly to teachers to fund programs or resources that extend beyond the regular curriculum.

Innovation grants support Mercer Island teachers in providing engaging learning opportunities outside the standard curriculum by adding innovative, imaginative, creative programs, experiences, and opportunities that would not otherwise be available.

Any individual or group seeking consideration for a teacher innovation grant can submit an online application.

Once received, your school principal will review it. The grant will be taken to the grant committee to fund if approved.

You will hear from the Foundation, PTA, or District when the grant has been funded and will be provided a grant number.

We want to partner with our incredible teachers and help make your creativity shine. Teachers, DREAM BIG, innovate, and apply without worrying about which organization will fund your project.

Teachers, we appreciate your hard work and the positive learning environment you provide for Mercer Island students. Thank you for teaching them, educating them, and empowering them! You know first-hand how these grants enrich, enhance, and create a spark for learning in your students!

When you receive an Enrichment Grant, you will be responsible for handling the details of your program. Funding for your grant works in the exact same way as purchasing any item for your classroom. Here’s everything you’ll need to know.

Grant Timeline

Please check with your instructional technology coach, site tech, or building principal before submitting your grant application if you have a technology need. Before submitting a grant, these items should be discussed with the administrators and the District.

Grant applications are due by Friday, October 14. For more information, see the timeline below.

DateNext Steps
Friday, Oct. 13Grant applications due
Week of Oct. 16Principals review and prioritize
Week of Oct. 23MISF and PTA grant reps meet with principals to review grants
Week of Oct. 30Collaborative meeting with MISF, PTA/PTSA’s, and MISD Administrators to fund grants
Week of Nov. 9MISF Board meeting – presentation/approval of grants
Week of Nov. 13MISF/PTA advises applicants of grant approvals at all schools/departments


Please contact the Mercer Island Schools Foundation at (206) 275-2550 or email Tammy Shoop at tammy@misf.com or Bridget Olsen at bridget@misf.com.