Angel Donors are integral to our Spring for Schools campaign and Breakfast of Champions. Angels are donors who give $5,000 or more each spring. These donations create an Angel fund to encourage others in our community to give at the $1,000 level or above. Your gift becomes the incentive for every donor who gives $1,000 or more to have their donation matched. The Angel fund is critical to the Breakfast of Champion’s success.

Every spring, the community looks forward to the largest Mercer Island Schools Foundation fundraiser – the Breakfast of Champions. This much anticipated event is held at the end of April in the Mercer Island High School Gym.

The program is an inspirational showcase of exceptional students and outstanding teachers. Breakfast guests will be able to quickly identify the impact of this community’s investment on every student and their teachers in the classrooms across the District.

Our Angels are recognized as leaders in our community for their grand show of support and generosity! Joining the Foundation as an Angel Donor is an excellent way to make a BIG impact on every Mercer Island student. Join our Angel Donors to prioritize education and put our students first!

2021-22 Angel Donors

A special THANK YOU to our generous Angel Donors!

  • Jill & Warren Ashton
  • Linnea & Matt Augustine
  • Lorie & Charles Brighton
  • Erika & Greg Brown
  • Fatema Burkey
  • Alyson & Justin Burks
  • Andrea & Marc Chatalas
  • Ping Zhao & Xiaoling Chen
  • Brooke & Andrew Conway
  • David D’Souza
  • Hilary & Alexander Doroski
  • The Ellison Family
  • Andrea & Kevin Fitzwilson
  • Shannon & Greg Gottesman
  • Beth & Cameron Hykes
  • Rachel & Garrett Hyman
  • Suzanne & Travis Keeler
  • Cindy Yang & Xiao Kong
  • Yijiao Hong & Antero Koskinen
  • Erin & Peter Krawiec
  • Jody & David Kris
  • Alexandra Boyle & Charles Lee
  • Jessican Abramson & Jeremy Lott
  • Sonia & Subeer Manhas
  • Huilan Tang & Xuming Mei
  • Kelley & Jeffrey Miller
  • Camie Ng & Thach Nguyen
  • Lesley & Malcolm Poole
  • Robins Nest Family Foundation
  • Geoffrey Rodey
  • Jennifer & Greg Rosenwald
  • Mickey & Christian Schiller
  • Maggie Tai Tucker & James Gwertzman
  • Katherine Van Kessel & Derek Loeser
  • Kirsten & Mark Hoeke
  • Kelly & Jim Weisfield