Public schools are always near the top when people list the benefits of living on Mercer Island. Our schools have educated our sons and daughters and launched them into success in college and beyond. Many have returned as parents of new generations of students. But whether here on Mercer Island or scattered throughout the world, they form a Mercer Island family, products of, and committed to, exceptional public education.

Two annual Foundation fundraising campaigns each year provide for the Foundation to meet its mission by securing private funding for outstanding educational opportunities and special projects that are not funded – or are funded only in part – by the District budget. Your tax-deductible gift ensures that the Foundation will fulfill its commitment to a partnership with District administrators, teachers, parents, and the community on behalf of educational excellence for every Mercer Island student.

Fall All In for Kids

Each fall, your investment in the All in for Kids campaign supports strategic programs in core academics, enrichment, professional development, social/emotional programs, academic support, and so much more. Learn more about what YOU will make possible this fall. (Link to Priority Funding List)

Spring for Schools

Your investment during the annual Spring for Schools campaign ensures the District has the financial leverage it needs to fund teachers, maintain class size, and ensure exceptional education experiences for every student.