Public schools are always near the top when people list the benefits of living in Mercer Island. Our schools have educated many of our sons and daughters and launched them into success in college and beyond. Many have returned as parents of new generations of students. Whether families have been here for generations or are new to the community, we are all committed to providing an exceptional public education.

Annual fundraising campaigns provide for the Foundation to meet its mission by securing funding for outstanding educational opportunities and special projects that are not funded – or are supported only in part – by the state and District. Your tax-deductible gift ensures that the Foundation will fulfill its commitment to a partnership with District administrators, teachers, parents, and the community on behalf of educational excellence for every Mercer Island student.

The Mercer Island Schools Foundation contributes to the schools through donor-designated funds that go directly to curricula, enrichment, classroom innovation, and professional development. Programs like these allow our talented teachers and administrators to dream big and provide a world-class public education for our kids. In addition, Mercer Island Schools Foundation support enables the district to accomplish ambitious goals faster and creates an environment that encourages innovation and advancement.

Because of our generous donors, the Mercer Island School District can create a learning environment at each school where every student gains the knowledge and skills needed to become a global leader in the 21st Century.