2022-23 MIHS Student Ambassadors

Julia Harper

Julia Harper, MIHS Senior

Silas Burkey

Silas Burkey, MIHS Junior

Nathan Wen

Nathan Wen, MIHS Junior

As a MISF Student Ambassador, you will join the Foundation Board in a non-voting role to represent student voices, provide outreach to the MIHS community, and act as a liaison between MIHS students and the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

This position is a one- or two-year commitment starting in September and is available to incoming Sophomores and Juniors. This program will be in its second year for the Foundation. We are looking for 2-3 students who will prioritize their Foundation responsibilities, have strong communication skills, and want to make a difference in our schools!

Key Responsibilities

  • Understand and support the Foundation’s mission, objectives, strategies, and programs
  • Attend MISF board meetings each month
  • Attend Student Ambassador meetings once a month
  • Act as a voice on the MISF Board of Trustees to represent MISD students
  • Develop a solid understanding of community investments made to the Foundation and the impact on student’s education
  • Participate in at least one Student Ambassador-driven project or initiative to increase awareness among high school students or help facilitate a new program idea 
  • Participate as a volunteer in Foundation marketing & fundraising activities – Dine Out for Schools, Summer Celebration Foundation, Phone-A-Thon, and the Spring for Schools event
  • Help spread the word to MIHS seniors about the MISF Penny Yantis Scholarship 
  • Share information about the Foundation and Foundation-funded programs with your peers and help recruit and interview incoming Student Ambassadors

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If you’d like a reference to all the programs and teacher grants that are funded by the Foundation, you can find a MISF binder in the MIHS counseling office. Ask the admin in the counseling office, Lisa Jandusay or Edith Lopez-Salvador, where you can find it.
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