If you are a senior attending Mercer Island High School or Crest Learning Center, we’d like to offer the opportunity to add $3,000 to your college fund. We ask that you demonstrate how a Mercer Island Schools Foundation-funded program(s) helped you overcome a challenge or inspired you. We want you to tell us more about your future school choice and relate how programs funded by the Foundation inspired and impacted your Mercer Island educational career. The scholarship is required to be used at a two-year or four-year institution of higher learning that meets the Foundation’s eligibility requirements and for tuition and fees only within the academic year following graduation. Apply now, and good luck!



You can find a binder with information on all Mercer Island Schools Foundation-funded programs in the Mercer Island High School Counseling office. If you can’t find it, please ask Lisa Jandusay in the counseling office. We highly encourage all students applying for the scholarship to take a look. PLEASE do not remove the binder, but you can take pictures of pages if needed.

Email application to: scholarship@misf.com

Your application will be reviewed by a committee of Mercer Island Schools Foundation board members and staff. All candidates will be interviewed in person. The candidate selected for the scholarship must be available and willing to provide a speech to be used during our Spring for Schools Showcase & Auction. We will provide a videographer and help in preparing the student.