The Mercer Island School District (MISD) will pay all enrichment grant expenses through their normal accounting system procedures. The Mercer Island Schools Foundation (MISF) will be invoiced and reimburse the MISD. Your Foundation Coordinator from the Program Committee oversees this process. Your Coordinator is listed on your approval letter and at the bottom of this page. When you receive your grant, you are responsible for preparing a district purchase requisition for anything purchased or ordered. Your school’s administrative assistant can provide you with Purchase Order forms. The requisition will be made out to the vendor. Your requisition must be accompanied by a receipt, an invoice and, in the case of an artist or performer, a contract with the agreed terms of the project.

*** Be sure to sign your completed requisition. In the case of an invoice or order form, you must also note “OK TO PAY” and sign your name on the invoice or order form. If your project requires multiple payments, you must submit a requisition and copies of contracts/invoices with the “OK TO PAY” note each time a payment is to be made.

Once completed, send your requisition to the attention of your building administrative assistant. Your paperwork will be reviewed and submitted to the School District business office for processing.

Please remember:

  • The person receiving the grant is responsible for handling the details for the program, such as determining sources for and requisitioning equipment/materials, scheduling presenters or field trips, registering for workshops, etc.
  • All equipment and materials ordered must match those listed in the approved application. Expenditures may not exceed the dollar amount approved unless the Foundation approves additional funds. Payment of any and all costs exceeding the approved amount will be the responsibility of the person receiving the grant. You must contact your Enrichment Fund Coordinator to discuss any deviations from the approved applications. 
  • All orders for materials must be completed by June 1. All monies allocated for programs must be spent during the current school year. Funds unspent by your deadline will be forfeited unless prior approval has been obtained from the Foundation. 
  • All equipment, books or materials obtained with Enrichment Grant funds must be labeled with a “Donated by the Mercer Island Schools Foundation” label. These labels are available from the Enrichment Fund Coordinators or at the elementary levels from the principal’s administrative assistant. As the person receiving the grant, you are responsible for affixing the labels.
  • It is your responsibility to help inform the community about the grant by publicizing the project (e.g., in the school newsletters, during curriculum nights, in the Mercer Island Reporter) and mentioning the Mercer Island Schools Foundation in any publicity about the project.
  • You must complete the evaluation/feedback form on the use of the Enrichment Grant funds and send it to the Enrichment Fund Coordinators. Failure to fill out the form and forward to the Foundation office will lead to no funding in the next grant cycle.